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Website Updates

5th May 2017
February, March, April and May new titles for UK and US Hardcovers have been uploaded.
Work has started on the Bookclub page.
The Postage and Packaging page has been updated.

1st March 2017
All of February 2017 titles have been uploaded and covers are being put on at the moment. We will start putting up March titles tomorrow.
There is a new category now available. This is the Second-hand Book Sale where I am adding books that were left ot be by a customer/friend and books that I no longer want to hold on to.
Our new Science Fiction and Fantasy printed  catalogue has been sent out. Until we get the crime all on the website this will not appear on here. I am working on the new romance catalogue now (again it will  only be available as a PDF or printed version) and then back to another Sci Fi catalogue (as the one just completed was very overdue). There is also an Historical Fiction and non Fiction supplement plus the latest Sherlock Holmes supplement. Please just contact us if you are interested in receiving any of them via email: tanya@murderone.co.uk or by phone - 01923 312430.

15th February 2017
All sections that need work have now been hidden and the only sections accessible for the moment will be the New Titles and Upcoming Releases section.
February 2017 mass market American paperbacks with basic information has been uploaded

1st February 2017
Where to begin? We have started work on the website and we have begun by stripping it back to the bare bones. For the moment we will be concentrating on Crime only, but just because the Romance, Science Fiction and Fantasy, Historical and the other sub-genres of crime - Sherlock Holmes, Reference, True Crime - are not on the website at the moment just means dropping us an email or phoning us to check availability. We are working our way backwards using our Crime catalogues with our brand new catalogue - February-May 2017 - being the first to be put on. Once we have at least the last three catalogues on with covers and blurbs we will start concentrating on the backlist categories. And from there the sub-genre categories. The Murder One UK Bookclub page will also be worked on and we will use this page to let you know what is going on and been updated.

Best wishes
Tanya & Chris